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Eileen and Ray Hunt

June 3, 2023

We decided to sell our small house and move to an apartment. We phoned Shelley from an ad in the local Newsletter and we really liked what she and Craig had to offer and hired her. We had been preparing for a month or so, but then our new suite became available in three weeks! With a small house, all we could do was move first, so Shelley helped pack and Craig did an amazing job of sorting the garage, and all the gardening equipment,and selling many of our things that we no longer needed at no cost to us. Minor repairs were done to the house and a working dishwasher installed and then the house 'staged' with appropriate furniture, and it sold the very first day. Shelley and Craig helped us move boxes in the new apartment and hung drapes for us. It was a mad scramble but it worked, from hiring Shelley to moving day was 13 days, with the sale happening 5 days later. They were a fun couple to work with, knowledgeable, practical and they delivered, with a smile. We really recommend them.

Hala Bakas

March 3, 2023

So happy I found Move Me Shelley! Shelley and Craig have been wonderful and very supportive since Day 1 in my downsizing and moving journey. They packed, moved boxes, made minor repairs, cleaned and staged the house, and sold the furniture and items I no longer needed. All without asking for extra commission. The house sold in 4 days!! I highly recommend them. Thank you so much Shelley and Craig!!!

Brereton Family

October 2022

Shelley and Craig were our guardian angels of downsizing and relocating my father! It was obvious we needed to get Dad out of the house and into a senior community for his safety and health. The children were the ones who would have to drive this process, but we lived so far away that preparing for the sale seemed an impossible job. Then I found Move Me Shelley and Shelley Callaghan seemed to offer exactly what we needed; a team that could get rid of our “stuff”, make the house presentable, and sell! With Shelley’s and Craig’s help we agreed on repairs they would do to make the house sellable (at no extra charge!). There were a couple of repairs that were outside their normal scope, and they were happy to find a contractor and get them done on our behalf, at a very reasonable cost. Shelley and Craig also helped us identify items we wanted to keep, those we wanted to try selling, and “everything else.” Craig took charge of selling and his efforts resulted in thousands of dollars going to my Dad. Craig and Shelley did not keep any commission for selling Dad’s stuff and without their help, most of the sold items would have ended up in the landfill. After about five weeks of selling stuff, cleaning and prepping, the house was ready for sale. There is no doubt the Move Me Shelley team saved our family an enormous amount of time, expense and stress by handling the house up to this point. But the best part was next: the sale. When the house was ready to sell, the market had gone to sleep. Nothing was moving due to increased interest rates and a shortage of listings. Shelley helped us price our home in this very strange environment and we put the house on the market just after Labour Day. The house sold in one day after receiving multiple bids! The accepted offer was $31,000 over the asking price. We could not have asked for a better result. I recommend Shelley and Craig wholeheartedly. They obviously care deeply about making the process of selling a family home as stress-free and financially beneficial to the seller as possible. From beginning to end they were available, generous and helpful. I can’t imagine getting better service elsewhere.

Tarra Brazeau and Melissa Gunsolus

October 1, 2021

We can’t thank Shelley and Craig enough for helping us find our first home! Shelley listened to our needs and stayed so patient through the process with us. She knew we wanted to get into a house soon, so she even took a whole Saturday with us and we went to see 14 houses in one day. She has a great way of making something that could have been pretty stressful into a day of fun. When she helped us to find our forever home, her services didn’t end there. She has been checking in to see if there is anything we need. Craig even came over to drop off rolls of tape for us and some boxes when we started to run out and even offered to help us paint our new place. Shelley and Craig really do go above and beyond in their service! I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to purchase a home.

Celia Disipio and Chris Surrett

May 31, 2021

We worked with Move Me Shelley and her team to sell and buy this past spring. We had such a great experience and we’re super fortunate to have such a helpful realtor team since we have two little ones and both work full time. Shelley and her team got our previous home ready for the market by helping us clean, fix little things around the home, paint, and declutter. We installed new carpet as well before listing and they organized all of that for us as well. After we sold the team also helped with our move out clean to have it ready for the new owner. Check them out if you are thinking about moving! They took a lot of stress out of the entire situation.

Christine Hopper and Alain Desnoyers

April 13, 2021

When we began looking into a second property , we had enlisted the help of a real estate agent referred to us by a friend. After several failed bid attempts , we felt there was missing that drive that was to be expected from a real estate agent. Through our contacts in the cat rescue community we found Shelley and she was exactly what we needed. Shelley was passionate about what she does and we felt it right away when we first met and had that instant connection. In no time we were sucessful in acquiring a property and we owe it to her determination and listening skills which were key throughout this stressful real estate market and of course, her smile. Even after taking possesion, Shelley would follow up with us to make sure all was good, went the extra mile to ensure we were happy and even offered to help with the work in our condo we had purchased by referring us to a handyman which we have been using to help refresh the space to get it ready for Christines mother. Shelley is absolutely fantastic in every way and we would recommend her in a heartbeat and we almost just want to buy another place so that we can deal with Shelley again.

Jasmine and Chima Ezeh

February 9, 2021

My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home at the end of last year. We were put into contact with Shelley and from the first meeting, we knew we were in the right hands. As first time home buyers, we hardly knew anything about the market or the process, but Shelley was there through every steps, explaining everything to us. We were able to find and buy our house within a very short time. Even though the home buying process was stressful we would do it all over again with Shelley by our sides. You would think after all the documents have been signed, that would be it, but she remained with us through the moving process and up till now. She has been amazing, gone above and beyond for us and I would recommend her to anyone. We are very lucky to have met her.

Cheryl Parrott - Hintonburg Resident

December 15, 2020

This summer after more than 3 years of procrastination I decided I had to deal with a basement completely full of every tool imaginable, good wood and many other things. I’m not ready to sell my house but this had to be dealt with. Craig’s help in starting the process and telling me that he could see that it was overwhelming and that he could help gave me the confidence to start and to continue to move along. Just the acknowledgement that it was overwhelming helped so much. He kept in touch – not pushing but just to check in. That helped me slowly move along and see progress. Craig took a number of loads of things and sold them and gave me the money. I did not want the money – I just wanted to get rid of things I would never use. It would break my heart to put all of it in the garbage – when someone could use it, but selling it or giving each item away myself was again overwhelming. Craig knows what will sell, what is garbage, what to put out at the street to see if someone will take it. That help in getting me started was so important. I still have more to go but I’m more than halfway there and with Craig’s continued help I’ll get there. Both Shelley and Craig are people who have imaginative ideas that work and the “we can do that” attitude Has given me the confidence that this can be done. The breadth of their involvement with so many community initiatives has given them skills and connections in so many areas that they “can do it”.

Elysia and Mike

October 18, 2020

Shelley is an outstanding Realtor® who helped my husband and I buy our first home. She explained everything thoroughly and listened to our housing needs. We found our house in less then 72 hours with her expertise. Highly recommend.

Cheryl Caswell

September 18, 2020

Shelly helped us sell our townhouse in Stittsville this past summer. It had been a rental for about 3 years and when we initially put it up for sale, the renters were still living in it. Despite Shelley’s great sales approach and advice, we didn’t get any offers because buyers were simply worried about the renters still living there. Shelley advised that we take it off the market, wait until the renters move out, fix it up a bit and then put it back on the market as a new listing. I was hesitant to take it off the market but Shelley knows what she’s doing! This was the best plan! She and Craig helped my husband clean it up, fix a few things and best of all… she shampooed the carpet herself! They did everything they could to help Dave get it in tip top shape. Then she gave us her new sales approach and it worked brilliantly! We listed on a Thursday and it was sold by Sunday night with a much higher offer than we ever expected. We highly recommend Shelley’s services. She and Craig are a great team and will help you sell your home quickly and get the best price for it! They went above and beyond in the work they did for us, and her advice was spot on. Thanks so much Shelley and Craig! - Cheryl and Dave

Kathryn Tranter Abt

July 22, 2020

We highly recommend Shelley! She helped us to find our dream property by taking the time to listen to what we were looking for and asking questions to clarify. When we were in the process of deciding to put an offer in, she helped us to find the answers we needed. She went above and beyond with tracking down the right people to talk with in regards to various aspects of the land. Shelley was patient and never made us feel pressured when it came to making decisions, she answered our questions promptly and honestly. You won't be disappointed if you choose Shelley to help you with buying or selling your home.