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Winning in a Multiple Offer World

Posted on 5th Jan 2021

For the last year finding a house and then getting the winning bid has been a struggle for many with some properties getting 20+ offers. Most are selling well over asking and with no conditions which is really tough for anyone, but particularly first-time home buyers. Since houses are often priced very low to attract lots of attention (and multiple offers) it is important to look at similar homes and what they sold for to get a true sense of what the house you are bidding on will sell for so your offer is in the running.  In addition to coming up with a price that should win, I have been very successful in writing emails and notes to both the listing agent and owners about what my clients like about the house.  These special notes make a big difference - from saying how much we liked meeting their cat to making comments on how cool the dining room table is.  This personal touch allows the selling agent and owner to get to know you more and develop a relationship without even meeting.  The owner wants you to get the house and is looking forward to your offer, setting you apart from the rest.  Although price is key, when push comes to shove in negotiations these personal messages make a difference and have won the deal for my clients many times this year.