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Downsizing Solutions – Virtual Estate Sales

Posted on 5th Jan 2021

For those looking to sell their home, one of the services we offer (at no cost) is downsizing support. Perhaps you have accumulated a basement or garage full of things you no longer want or just want to get rid of the old sofa to make room for a new one in your next home.  We help you sort through everything and sell or donate what you don’t want, putting money in your pocket to help with the move while keeping as much as possible out of the landfill. Craig (our downsizing specialist) has developed quite a following on Facebook Marketplace so he knows what sells and how to move things quickly.  With our last clients, an older couple moving from a big home to a condo, it actually made sense to do a virtual estate sale since they were planning to move very little so had a full house to downsize.  Craig took photos of everything, sold it virtually through Marketplace and then had a set pick-up time for everyone to come and get their treasurers.  The home owners were not involved at all, Craig handled all the sales and handed them $4,000 in the end which helped with their moving expenses. We then sold their house well over market value.  A win-win for everyone!